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2018 Luxury Retreat in Sicily! A heady mix of exploring the island with professional, friendly, expert guides, meeting the locals and coaching - discovering what you really want, how to achieve your dreams and create the Life you Love! Care to join us? Contact me for more details.


I don't do Blogs or Bombardment via email or Facebook postings or Instagram or Twitter or any of those amazing platforms to 'talk' to you.

There are lots of people out there doing just that and very often their work is truly outstanding. I admire them, they are awesome indeed.

However, I find it all a bit too much. For me, the internet is a noisy and cluttered and hectic place and I sometimes want peace and quiet and tranquillity... Some time to think and reflect.

Don't we all spend too much time in front of a PC screen?

So I work with a notebook, a paper diary and a pencil. I love the feeling of pencil on paper. I think more deeply when I write in this way. I find it relaxing and energising.

So you won't find lots of information or stories to amuse or entertain or help or inspire you on here. You have to meet me in person for that!

You will find information about events and retreats and maybe recommendations...

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!

With Gratitude and Smiles, Joan